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With a raft of cross-country, down-country, trail and even radder rigid frames being introduced. The humble hardtail mountain bike seems to be going through a mini-revival. As ever, buying a hardtail is one of the most affordable ways of mountain biking.

What are the advantages of a hardtail? Where uphill speed matters, the direct connection from crank to axle, without some energy-inefficient suspension spoiling the fun, is the quickest way to get up to speed.

Hardtails are often also lighter, easier to maintain and cheaper than full-suspension mountain bikes because there are fewer moving parts to add weight, service or build in the first place

Trifox continually refines the bike, and is committed to the construction and technology of carbon frames, it has become one of the largest online stores for exporting frames in China with the high-volume, low-cost, high-quality manufacturing processes for carbon fiber bike frames.

Even better, Hardtail Carbon MTB Frame MFM200, as one of the mainframes of this brand, has been well received by consumers since its sale. Now the price has dropped to less than $400, so you can have a high-strength carbon fiber frame.I’m definitely not bragging about the value of this frame when I write this blog. When you see my explanation below, you will understand that it’s worth the money.


29er Carbon MTB Hardtail Frame MFM200

➤T800 carbon Fiber Toray 29er mountain bike frame with BB68, the weight is only 1200g.

➤Features 3K Carbon Fiber Woven, harder and more textured.

➤suitable for seat post with 31.6mm.

➤Ultra-lightweight, strong, and durable.

➤Internal Routing and Unique Structure.

➤Ergonomic design provides you a safer and more comfortable riding.

➤Switch between Quick Release and Thru Axle at will, Quick Release Skewer and Thru Axle Skewer can be changed to each other depending on the style of Derailleur Hanger. 

carbon frame is usually lighter stronger safer and better than cheap alu with bad welds. The material of the frame is made of T800 Full Carbon Fiber, conventional carbon material. T800 carbon fiber composite is an advanced aerospace material because of its low density, good rigidity, and high strength. As one of the widely used materials for bicycles, carbon fiber has the greatest advantages of light weight and high strength. Its weight is only 20% ~ 30% of that of steel, but its hardness is more than 10 times that of steel. Therefore, the use of carbon fiber materials in bicycle manufacturing can make a breakthrough in the lightweight of bicycles, bring social benefits of saving energy, and reduce the burden of cyclists to a certain extent, especially when riding uphill. Not only the frame but now carbon fiber has been widely used in bicycle accessories, such as our Carbon Bike Computer Mount SBH100, MTB Integrated Handlebar, Carbon Road Bike Wheels, Carbon Bike Saddle CS100 and so on. These bicycles made of carbon fiber realize a high-strength and lighter riding experience and are also one of the choices of high-end cyclists.

Optional color

At the same time, this frame has eight colors to choose from. These colors create a very nice appearance, and it has modern geometry, so upgrades down the road won’t be an issue. The frame has been designed with additional focus on compliance – or even micro-suspension. They’re designed to take away some fatigue induced by road imperfections on an all-day ride. If we look carefully, we will find that the length of its head tube is only 48mm. Typically, head tube length will determine how low you sit on the bike: a racier frame will tend to have a shorter head tube, while an endurance bike will have a taller one. A short head tube means that the cyclist can reduce the pressure on his hands, wrists, shoulders, neck and spine, thus reducing the air resistance so that the cyclist can ride faster. It’s not so good for acceleration and climbing if your arms are too high, so cyclists prefer to keep the head tubes on their bikes a bit shorter.

The spec is admirable considering the price. Although there are top-performing competitors that can offer a similar package for less money, Trifox would doubtless argue the Carbon MTB Hardtail Frame MFM200 stellar performance and pedigree at the highest level justifies its price. Overall, if you can stomach the price of entry, the Carbon MTB Hardtail Frame MFM200 is a fantastically fast and fun bike to ride.

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