The joy of cycling, the meaning of cycling!

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Cycling is the best way of life for both sports and travel, “driving is too fast, walking is too slow, cycling is the only way to see the most beautiful scenery in life”, my favorite phrase perfectly explains the meaning of cycling! When you ride your beloved bike, walking through the city, through the fields, climbing the mountains, along the river, around the Hoopoe River, you will really feel the birds and flowers, wine and food, local customs, feel the breeze from the ears, sweat hanging on the smile, the harmonious blend of people and nature. A real sense of participation, that is the meaning of travel!

Cycling is a great way to exercise. Riding with medium or higher intensity and fast-paced pedaling can improve cardiorespiratory function. Cycling is an anterolateral dominant exercise, and performing long-term alternate pedaling of the two legs helps to develop the left and right brain functions at the same time, improves the agility of the nervous system, and can prevent symptoms such as premature aging and limb hemiplegia. Long-term riding exercises the joints of the limbs exercises the muscle capacity of the lower limbs, and can greatly improve the body’s endurance. Outdoor riding, breathing fresh air different from the city, sweating, and detoxification, helps to lose weight and shape the body.

Riding is a simple sport that is suitable for almost everyone. Many people have ridden bicycles as children, riding is easy to get started, the safety factor is high, is a light sport. You can be a professional rider, participating in major international and domestic events; you can also be a casual player, spend the weekend with your girlfriend; you can even just commute. You can ride in the morning, you can ride at night, you can ride a mountain bike across the forest and the top of the mountain, you can ride a road bike to enjoy the rush of the oil road, you can also ride a touring bike for a long trip.

Riding is full of positive energy and can expand your circle of friends. But when we encounter psychological depression, it is excellent if we can discharge it by riding this kind of way. The next time you’re in a bad mood doesn’t choose to eat hard and buy wild, don’t choose to burst into a fight or a cold war, try riding! Playing mahjong on the weekend? Stay in bed? The next time you’re in a bad mood, don’t choose to eat and buy, don’t choose to fight or have a fight, try riding. Most cyclists are extroverted, optimistic, good friends and friends, friends more road to go!

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