The vehicle of choice for riding – mountain bike mountain bike

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Many people, who have ridden cars for many years, do not know the names of the various parts, and do not know the configuration of their own cars. Here, I will briefly introduce science. Mountain bikes are bicycles specially designed for off-road (hills, trails, fields and gravel roads, etc.), and were born in San Francisco on the west coast of the United States in 1977.

  1. Classification of mountain bikes
    1), Ordinary off-road XC (Cross Country) Mild off-road models, with strong climbing performance, are used for ordinary mountain off-road, and they are also the lightest and most practical models in mountain bikes. They pursue lightweight and high-speed passability. Therefore, the new models are mostly 29-inch large wheel diameters, and most of them are hard frames.
  2. 2), Forest Road TR (Trail) Most of the riding routes are forest trails, hence the name, focusing on the smoothness of riding, and most of them are full-suspension models.
  3. 3), All Mountain AM (All Mountain) As its name suggests, the vehicle performance is average, capable of continuous climbing or descending, but not specialized, for people who just want to own a car but can ride more terrain or want to do It is the best choice for people who travel long distances off-road.framesets.
  4. 4), double racing DS (Dual Slalom) Double Slalom racing car, because it emphasizes high-speed cornering, jumping, and pumping (pump is a technique of accelerating with terrain), the vehicles are mostly short-stroke or medium-stroke. Dirt slopes, forest roads, AM, FR cars are transformed.carbon bars
  5. 5), Free Ride FR (Free Ride) A kind of skillful riding that is not limited by terrain restrictions, which swept the American car industry from 05 to 10 years. Tends to be high-speed and high-intensity, using natural terrain or artificially constructed jumping platforms to make great leaps, and likes various stunts in the air.
  6. 6), Dirt Jumping uses artificially constructed venues to perform aerial leaps and stunts. The vehicles are mostly hard tails and short rear forks, emphasizing strength and geometric angles, and the frames are mostly co-mo steel, with larger ones. Cross the space.
  7. 7), Downhill DH (Down Hill) Focus on downhill and big drop, use double shoulder front fork, frame strength is high, the weight of the whole vehicle is more than 17KG, and there is a lot of preload.

Personal advice: For long rides, buy a regular off-road bike (XC), or an all-mountain bike (AM).

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