This article will let you know the basic riding skills of a bicycle

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A lot of people have dreamed of riding a bike on the road to the end of the world, it’s a common occurrence for seasoned veterans, they will even buy some good material frames like carbon fiber road bike frames and other accessories to build a bike that suits them. But these are difficult things for beginners because they do not master the relevant skills of riding the road bike.

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Here are 4 riding-related skills to help beginners better master riding, so as not to hurt themselves due to improper movements:

1. Cycling posture: the upper body is lower, the head is slightly inclined and forward; the arms are naturally bent, which is convenient for the waist to bow, lower the center of gravity of the body, and at the same time prevent the impact force caused by the bumping of the car from being transmitted to the whole body; the hands are light and Firmly grip the handlebars and sit firmly on the saddle.

2. Cornering skills: The car body is in a line and leans into the corner. The center of gravity of the body is based on the car leaning into the corner, and the person and the car maintain the same lean angle. Straighten the outer knee and subconsciously add more force, as if you were about to take the pedal off.

3. Bicycle downhill riding technology: Uphill and downhill riding technology is an important basic technology for road bicycles. Riding uphill should maintain normal pedaling action, and not use sudden force. In general, it is not advisable to use standing riding or pull-up riding methods, otherwise, it will consume too much physical strength.

4. Braking skills: The front brake can provide you with very good stopping power, but it can also make you a trapeze. Therefore, when you use the front brake, move your center of gravity back. When you use the front brake, your center of gravity will naturally move forward due to inertia. You must practice when you start to brake, consciously move your center of gravity back. . The more you move your center of gravity back, the more braking power you can use.

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