To Give You A Carbon Saddle to Travel Nationwide

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Trifox Full Carbon Fiber Bike Saddle CS100 with a weight of 108g, has a size of 140mm*275mm(5.51in*10.82in), and the middle part of the vent design makes air quickly pass and to let riders more comfortable, with 4 colors for this super light 3K Carbon saddle.

We cyclists all like to ride outdoors, but riding for a long time will inevitably be difficult.

The good saddle can bring us convenience, so that you are less likely to be injured in the process of exercise, and also last longer.

It provides us with many benefits, including,

Carbon Saddle
  1. The saddle is conducive to force and can utilize the full range of muscles in the legs, and also making the muscles less prone to injury.
Full Carbon Fiber

2. Form a lying-down riding position to reduce wind resistance at a high speed.


3. Legs can stretch out, and you can increase the pedaling speed and reduce fatigue.


4. The weight of the body distributes to the hands, reducing the pressure on the hips during long rides.

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