Trifox Carbon MTB Non-tapered Rigid Bike Fork QMK20 is Suitable for Mountain Biking

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The front bike fork is located in the front part of the bicycle structure, its upper end is connected with the handlebar part, the frame part is matched with the front tube, and the lower end is matched with the front axle part to form a guide system of the bicycle.

Mountain bicycle front forks can be divided into springs, oil springs, oil and gas, and dual air.
The spring uses the spring as the shock absorber medium. This bicycle fork has a low cost and is not expensive.
The oil spring is the oil resistance and the spring, and the oil damping is added on the other side of the spring. Oil damping is the use of oil to adjust how fast the spring rebounds.
Oil and gas just use air pressure instead of springs as the shock medium. Adjust the softness and hardness by pumping.

No matter what mountain bike fork you use, keep the inner tube clean. The front bike fork with the protective cover is installed on it. Don’t be cool and remove the protective cover, otherwise the sand and impurities will run in, and the front bicycle fork will have to be disassembled and washed. After the front fork has been used for a period of time, it should be greased or disassembled for cleaning and lubrication.

Trifox 29er Carbon MTB Fork Rigid QMK20 is a non-tapered fork and it has some features:

  1. Carbon Import T800, so far the strongest massive producing carbon you can find.
  2. Suitable for straight headtube, a perfect match for most of the mountain bike frames.
  3. Super-Lightweight carbon fiber fork (550g)
  4. easy to install. Durable and Incredible strong in pressure resistance with better looks.

For more information about Trifox 29er Carbon MTB Fork Rigid QMK20, please follow the official website:

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