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Mountain biking is an adrenaline-rushing sport that requires a high-quality bike with an equally sturdy frame. If you’re a serious biker searching for an affordable, durable, high-performance mountain bike frame, look no more. Welcome to the Trifox bike – 29er Carbon MTB Hardtail Frame.

Trifox bikes are widely-known for their high-quality mountain bike frames, built with precision and attention to detail. Among their many offerings, the MFM200 29er Carbon MTB Hardtail Frame is a feature-packed, affordable option perfect for both novice and experienced riders.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the Trifox bike MFM200 frameset, exploring its features, benefits, and drawbacks. So let’s unpack what makes the Trifox bike stand out in the crowded space of affordable mountain bike frames.

1.The Benefits of Carbon Fiber

The Trifox bike MFM200 frameset is made of T800 carbon fiber Toray, which offers several benefits over other materials. Carbon fiber is known for its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, making Trifox bikes some of the lightest and strongest options available. Moreover, carbon fiber offers superior vibration damping, making it ideal for a smooth and comfortable ride.

2.29er Carbon MTB Hardtail Frame

The Trifox bike MFM200 frameset is a 29er Carbon MTB Hardtail Frame, designed to take on challenging mountain terrain with ease. This frame is built to be light, and it won’t hold you back with its weight. The design is centered around providing a comfortable ride, with an emphasis on agility and precision.

3.BB68 Bottom Bracket

The MFM200 frameset is built with a BB68 bottom bracket, an essential component that helps the rider achieve maximum power transfer. The BB68 is well-suited to mountain biking, providing optimal clearance, lightweight, and a secure fit. The bottom bracket is sturdy enough to handle the most challenging trails, making the MFM200 frameset an excellent investment for serious riders.


One of the standout features of the Trifox bike MFM200 frameset is its weight. It weighs just 1200g, making it one of the lightest framesets available. Compared to other mountain bike frames on the market, the Trifox bike MFM200 is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to handle and ride for extended periods.

5.Better Than Your Average

The Trifox bike MFM200 frameset is unlike any other affordable mountain bike frame. Its features, including the T800 carbon fiber Toray construction and the BB68 bottom bracket, represent a high-quality build that is unmatched in the price range. You’ll feel the difference when you’re flying down the mountain on a Trifox bike, and the MFM200 frameset is the perfect base for a high-performance bike that will take you further and faster than you ever thought possible.

If you’re in the market for a mountain bike frame that will provide superior performance and durability, the Trifox bike MFM200 frameset is your answer. It offers exceptional value for its price and is among the best affordable options available. With its T800 carbon fiber Toray construction, BB68 bottom bracket, and lightweight design, the MFM200 frameset is the perfect base for a high-performance mountain bike. So, if you’re looking for a mountain bike frame that offers maximum fun and returns, check out the Trifox bike MFM200

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