Want to improve your riding speed? Hurry up and upgrade the parts!

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There are three main elements for bike riders to improve speed, strength, and endurance: training content, nutritional supplements, and equipment and devices. Here to share with you, upgrade equipment and equipment of the wonderful trick to break down.

  1. Lighter wheelsets
    The first thing to upgrade is the wheelset. Why? Everything stems from the rules of physics, rolling weight than static weight (frame), compared to the impact of more. Meaning that a weight reduction of just a few hundred grams can dramatically increase speed. Choose a lighter wheelset, you will accelerate on the flat road sea release riders, as well as in the climb like a tiger, especially feel the importance of lightweight wheelset.
  2. Air power wheelset
    To enhance the speed of another trick is the air force wheelset. Many wind tunnel test results have shown that in more than 40 km/h, the air force wheelset can save 1-2% of the pedal output. The reason is simple, the higher the frame height of the air force wheelset, the more can reduce turbulence and reduce air resistance when the wind is upwind.
  1. Tires
    Theoretically, the closest contact between the bike and the ground will have a great impact on the rolling speed and comfort. However, people do not care much and directly use the tires that come standard when buying a bike. This is a big mistake. Our advice is to try a high weave density (Threads Per Inch) road tire. The higher the TPI number of the tire, the higher the weave of fine nylon threads inside, it can reduce the rolling resistance and increase the speed. However, there are advantages and disadvantages; the disadvantage is that high TPI number tires are more prone to snake bites. When winter comes, you should change to winter tires with thicker rubber layer.
  2. Transmission kit
    Electronic kit can be said to be a major evolution in the history of cycling evolution in recent years. While traditional mechanical kits are still working hard to pull the wires, electronic kits have already transmitted electronic signals to the front and rear derailleurs, or in the case of K-Force WE, wireless signals at nearly the speed of light. Among the many benefits, the most important one is more accurate and faster gear changes.
  1. Bottom Bracket(BB)
    Out of sight, out of mind, is an adjective invented specifically for the Bottom Bracket. But as long as you dare to use a poor-quality Bottom Bracket, the rotation of your big disc crankset will not be smooth and effortless, making you waste some energy on every turn. Top performance seekers are recommended to use ceramic bearing Bottom Bracket, such as FSA MegaEvo Ceramic ceramic Perlin. There are only two reasons, but they are both critical: the first is that ceramic pellets will reduce drag; the second is that their life expectancy is more than ten times that of steel bearings.
    The function of the meter should not only display speed, RPM and other basic information, if you care about your pedaling performance, computer mount has been an indispensable helper. The FSA PowerBox Carbon crankset is the perfect integration. It uses the convertible pawl design from German powerhouse Power2Max, allowing for a greater variety of gearing options.

Why are these power figures so useful? Because when you have the FTP Functional Threshold Power, which is the maximum average power you get in an hour of riding with all your strength and stability, you can ride with your own physical lactic acid threshold range. This is very helpful for refinement in the first zone (about 55% FTP) and the sixth zone of the sprint high intensity (121%-150 FTP).

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