What makes a good frame?

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The frame is the soul of the bicycle!

The bicycle frame refers to the skeleton of the entire bicycle, which determines and affects the correctness and comfort of the riding posture to the greatest extent. Bikes that ride in a straight line, bikes that turn easily, bikes that ride comfortably, etc., are actually due to the overall design of the frame and the use of frame materials.

What makes a good frame?

A good bicycle frame must meet the three conditions of light weight, sufficient strength, and high rigidity.

Is the designed frame designed according to the strength and characteristics of the material? Is the welding process mature? These factors will be directly reflected in the appearance, strength and elasticity of the frame.

Another important point is painting. A good frame painting must be uniform and multi-coated. And the quality of the car paint can also protect the bicycle so that it is not easy to rust.

If you’re starting with frame material and looking to pick a bike, here are some things to consider:


Each material has different strength properties, fatigue curves and impact resistance. When you choose, you make trade-offs, and weight is only one aspect of it. If you are sensitive to weight and looking for performance, then lightweight materials are your first choice. However, if your goal is to be strong and durable. It can carry you and your dreams around the motherland, so the weight should obviously not be your primary criterion.

Features of the bike:

This is a topic that every rider can’t avoid, and if your bike is going to be raced, then a stiff, lightweight bike is definitely the ideal choice, and also narrows down the material options for you. Conversely, if you’re planning a long-distance or cross-country ride, and you’re going to be on the bike for a long time and carry a lot of luggage, durability will be a top priority. Again, this narrows down the options for you.

Where you ride:

Although where you are does not affect your choice of frame material, But consider that like a steel frame, it will rust in a humid environment for a long time. However, the Trifox frame can make you ride comfortably.

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