When riding a bike uphill, do you ride a bike sitting or standing?

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The question of whether to sit or stand uphill is usually easy for novices or leisure cyclists to answer: standing is better because it allows you to walk faster. And standing bike looks cool and can shake the bike.

First, consider the relative energy consumption of sitting and standing uphill. In general, cyclists perform best when they can find the rhythm and stick to it. By sitting up the hill, you may walk a little slower, but you should be able to better maintain a consistent rhythm for a long time. By standing up, your rhythm will be broken immediately. That’s because changing your posture will disrupt your driving dynamics and increase your heart rate, making it more difficult to rise.

At the same time, the uphill performance is also related to your weight. Lighter riders usually climb faster than heavier riders. Conversely, heavier people tend to glide faster downhill.

Physical science professionals answer: “put your ass on the carbon bike saddle.” They can tell a lot of scientific evidence, but sometimes standing riding is inevitable. You may find a very steep hillside that is difficult or impossible to climb without standing. In competition, the attack is usually carried out in a standing position. These strategies are completely acceptable.

The answer is given by professional drivers: “it all depends on the steepness and length of the climb and their physical strength”. With a small slope, you can climb completely fast without standing. Sitting at this time is more aerodynamic. If the slope is too steep, you may need to stand up, because first, you have to make sure you can climb to the top of the mountain.

Climbing uphill is an exciting and hard task, and even for experienced cyclists, uphill riding is a challenge. All you can do is take a deep breath, focus on the top, and move on.

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