Why cycling is the best sport in the world

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Although the Tour de France is second only to the Olympics and the World Cup in influence, that doesn’t make cycling the most popular sport in the world (it doesn’t even crack the top 10). But that doesn’t stop cycling from being one of the best in the world.

Why cycling is the best sport in the world

very funny. Sports can make people happy, and so does cycling. The pursuit of speed is a natural instinct of human beings. After all, if our ancestors could not run fast enough, there would be no future. The bicycle is the maximum speed that human beings can break through through physical fitness. Sweaty as it is, it’s also fun, and what a thrill it is when you’re working your way up a mountain, or when you’re going downhill faster than a car.

diversification. There are many types of bicycles. Mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX, etc. are a variety of sports that allow you to play different tricks.

There is no age limit. With riders ranging from 8 years old to 80 years old, age has not been a factor to stop them from taking part in the sport. On the contrary, how many people can still play football at the age of 80?

Fun solo or in groups. Cycling alone allows you to go farther and give you more time to think. And team riding can allow you to meet more interesting souls.

Little damage to the body Unlike football and basketball, cycling has the least impact on the joints, which is why this sport can become a full-body sport, and it has a good exercise effect on the heart and lungs.

Participate anytime, anywhere Cycling is not only a sport but also a great way to commute.

Adventurous spirit Cycling is an adventure, it can take you not only to the outdoors, but also to places you have never been to, and to discover places in the world where there are no four wheels.

For these reasons and a few others not listed, I believe cycling is one of the best sports out there, one you can do from childhood to old age.

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