Why Cycling Knee Pain

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After riding for a period of time, I sometimes hear riders complaining of knee pain after heavy riding. In fact, this is due to improper riding methods that cause knee meniscus damage.

The meniscus of the knee joint is a fibrocartilaginous tissue with a thick peripheral edge and a wedge shape with a thin inner edge. It is a meniscus in plan view, and is called a meniscus. It is filled between the femoral condyle and the tibial condyle to enhance the stability of the knee joint. . The structural and functional characteristics of the meniscus determine that it is one of the most vulnerable tissues in the knee joint.

Below is a brief explanation of 8 situations that are more likely to cause injury:

1.The direction of force when riding is inconsistent with the foot and pedal.

2. The strength of the thigh muscles did not keep up when the force was suddenly increased.

When the muscles are highly fatigued (in the state of no cramps), if the muscle strength of the thigh cannot be lifted, the whole body weight plus the original pressure will completely overwhelm the knee. I tried it once, and the knee is very fast When it becomes swollen, it is not acceptable to practice bending the knees, but the swelling will gradually subside after applying medicine and doing a small amount of walking. I heard that this kind of situation can cause water accumulation for a long time.

3. Long-term low-frequency riding.

Many people will think that low frequency riding can improve strength, but the chance of knee injury is much greater than high frequency.

4. Excessive climbing practice.

5. The height of the seat cushion is too high or too low.

6. Excessive weight-bearing squat exercises.

Strength exercises should be done step by step. Excessive weight will cause knee injury.

7. The knee injury was not treated in time.

8. Improper warm-up.

Do some warm-up exercises related to the knees for a long time, such as bending the knees and turning. This action will wear the meniscus and is not recommended.

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