Why is the saddle of a mountain bike so small?

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First, in the more strict and formal mountain bike riding posture, most of the human weight is concentrated on the foot. The carbon bike saddle is used to “lean” rather than sit. During riding, when the abdomen is closed, the hips are almost suspended above the saddle and lean against the saddle. In this way, it is easier to exert force and adapt to the rugged uphill or downhill sections through the back and forth movement of the body above the saddle. If the saddle is wide, it will increase the friction of the inner thigh and hinder the movement of the center of gravity back and forth.

The second reason is to achieve the balance of elasticity and toughness for both beauty and weight. The thin and long narrow saddle not only has a more handsome appearance but also because the thin and long saddle can design the support bow of the saddle longer. In the case of severe vibration, it is easier to balance the shockproof elasticity and support toughness. At the same time, narrow, long, and small saddles are easier to achieve this balancing effect through design (for example, the wide soft saddle is comfortable, but it is not conducive to the force of the legs; the narrow hard saddle is not comfortable, but the force of the legs is more direct, so the professional racing saddles are narrow and hard, and the long-distance station wagon is mostly wide saddle). The wide saddle should be designed in a balanced way, which is relatively more difficult.

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